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      Rules of Crying Notes III Part 3: 13-16 Boundaries – Taking personal time out to listen to someone’s needs is not an opportunity for a lecture. Do not yell, scream, dictate, demand, or push into the needing individual. Allow them the privilege of a listening ear and space to come to a resolution on their […]
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Patient Tightlipped Observance

I watch a few different news services through out the day. One is CNN, another is FOX and another is MSNBC. The sprinkling I enjoy is local take on world and immediate events. This way I get a view of the bigger picture and how it influences people at different levels of  economy and contact with the world over all.

Watching the crystallization of Michael Jackson’s death, well, possible suicide gave new meaning to slow fire and quick burn. Jackson I well understood was a pop icon. But remember, not everyone listens to the same type of music and musical interests develop with age. The previous post about Jackson flies in the face of Reverend Al Sharpton’s take of what courtesousy demands of the world to give to Mr. Jackson in the end of his life. Considering the varying postmortem investigations, what can one say but the gluttonously rich to indulge themsleves in habit nuturing activities. With that said and thinking about the enormity of guilt he carried to the point of secluding himself like Howard Hughes, you’ve gotta wonder. Sympathy, regret and pity is all that can be said about the film interview with Mr. Jackson and his children. Placing masks and cloths on their faces. Was he ashmed? I believe I remember that Jackson had a penchant for the movie “Mask” that Cher starred in. The clip of the four of them aa tthe top of a hotel room, proved to me that the children were trapped in “Daddy’s personal prison”. At some point psychologically he choose to lock himself away. The inclination is more towards suicide than the doctor giving the fatal injection.

In April, there was a young black man in 6th grade who took his life because of being bullied and accused of homosexuality.

Today, on CCN was a small video run on a cemetery that contained interred predominantly African-American deceased. Over three hundred bodies are missing, strewn acreoss the cemetery or laying in pieces in crack graves.

The Myspace cyberstalking case is one I doubt I’ll be able to forget. An older women stalks a teenager on line to the point that the teenager commits suicide.

I realize the heat and the evictions will rise through August. Still, I wonder what will be done for those who end their lives, for the sake of not being able to pay the bills, not having a place to go, not being able to see a future after all the jobs may be said, done, gone and not enough to cover all of those who are no longer employed. On local and national news, Katie Couric made the observatio that Hate groups are on the rise in the United States. (This was right after the shooting at the Holocaust museum) If I remember the chart correctly, over one hundred groups have been added. {Aside: Strange I wondered what took so long with the election of Barack Hussein Obama as President. Not that the two would go in tandem. Comparatively to the rise of Nazi Germany via the Socialist Democrats in the 1930’s and the economic situation then. Will Obama become the dictator of trendy PC issues I grew up with in college long ago? I cringe at the radio broadcast I interrupted one night with people chanting “I will not be a homosexual” Notably the annoucer over the chanting had the jist that he was secretly observing. Greenpeace and I’ll tell you now, when the force of the advertisement hits, you’ll watch the legalization of marihuana happen before your eyes, with little taxation.}

Tactics that work, from the viewpoint of a 1950’s boomer flower child would be that the politics on college campuses will be championed and calmly bludgeoned with force upon the American polictical machines through Democratic means without remorse. Those talking points of new found freedom the freshman year become the voting manipulatives for the congressional and presidential offices the following years. Conservatives, those by reigning in and building the structure for infrastructure, may be more apt for a fireside chat like a Roosevelt did a while ago, to at least appear to be side by side with the American public through the obvious indecisive lows.

8 Responses to “Patient Tightlipped Observance”

  1. Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you’re being had.

  2. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.

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